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 Giving people a new way to look at the beauty in nature

 Pristine Images

Giving people a new way to look at the incredible beauty in nature, and the beauty he appreciates in his travels. Whether it is a macro image up close and personal, or a complex canopy of colors in a landscape, he finds it absorbing his soul.

Pristine ImagesWinter is upon us, and 2014 will soon be over!

2014 was a great year for Pristine Images.  I want to thank all of our loyal repeat  shoppers and many new ones who helped to make this year for Pristine Images a success. Our Fine Art- Art Fairs continue to help us meet many wonderful people that I enjoy meeting and sharing stories of how the nature world fascinates my eye.  It gives me great pleasure to share my love of the nature world through my vision and camera lens with you.Pristine Images Not only for the holidays, but throughout the year we are a  part of the Art Galleries listed on
our "Upcoming Events" page in their year round gift shops. Sales of our artwork helps support these wonderful galleries that give so much to the future artists of our community.

My winter plan is to venture out into Michigan's beautiful scenery and capture some new photos to share with you next year.

Remember that I can customize any of my images on any of the surfaces that I create on this website. But I can also be reached for custom sizing of my images , as you wish. Don't hesitate to contact me with any special requests you have.

Happy Holidays to you and your families,

Dave Dinsdale c/o Pristine Images