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 Giving people a new way to look at the beauty in nature

 Pristine Images

Giving people a new way to look at the incredible beauty in nature, and the beauty he appreciates in his travels. Whether it is a macro image up close and personal, or a complex canopy of colors in a landscape, he finds it absorbing his soul.

Pristine Images2015

Spring is upon us, and   summer is fast approaching!  I welcome the weather change, as everything seems to come alive once the winter has ended and I notice color and richness to the landscapes.  I enjoy getting behind my lens in my camera and seeing all the beautiful flowers budding and blooming. There is so much beauty in the Michigan landscape, which is always inviting me to photograph it.

Our Art Fair season is upon us , and listed in the "Upcoming Events" area of this website is a list of our summer schedule. 

There are a couple shows I am waiting to hear back from, but the majority of the schedule is now listed.
Pristine ImagesPlease come out  to your local Art Fairs and support your local artists, and stop by for a visit.   We'd love to say hello and show you what's new.

As always, I can customize my images to the many optional photo artwork pieces that I offer.  Just look at my website, or come visit me for the more updated images at your nearby show.

Happy Summer to you!

Dave Dinsdale c/o Pristine Images