Pristine Images
 Giving people a new way to look at the beauty in nature

 Pristine Images

Giving people a new way to look at the incredible beauty in nature, and the beauty he appreciates in his travels. Whether it is a macro image up close and personal, or a complex canopy of colors in a landscape, he finds it absorbing his soul.

Pristine ImagesThe Michigan winter has been a long one, but a beautiful one as well. I have been spending some time working on my new images, and by the summer, when my art fair season starts, I will have some new images to share with you.

In the past year, my wife Nancy and I have traveled to Italy and Costa Rica. I have some new images from there, that I hope you will enjoy.

My Art Fair season will start in June 2014.  I will list my show schedule as soon as I have it available. Usually by April I should know my schedule. Just click on the "Upcoming Events" link to view.Pristine Images

As always, I love custom orders, and any images I have on this website, are available to be ordered on any surface I sell. Canvas, Framed, Matted Prints, ceramic tiles, coaster sets, Glass tiles, cutting boards and note cards.  Simply find the image you would like, and either order it on this website, or feel free to email me or phone me and we will be happy to take your order. We will either mail or deliver your order to your address.

I hope you enjoy my new website. I also have a Facebook page, and if you enjoy my images, please "like" me on my Facebook page.

I hope to see you at one of my Art Fair events this year, please stop and say hello!
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